Digital Billboard Advertising in Seattle, WA

立即 & 灵活的广告媒介

Digital outdoor advertising offers innovative ways to amplify consumer interactions through improved service and convenience. With their flexibility and immediacy, digital billboards can help advertisers deliver highly relevant & personalized customer messages, to the audiences they wish to target.

Digital billboard ads can be updated in real time responding to consumer needs and more. They drive consumers to websites, and can facilitate social media engagement, 资料及更新. Electronic billboards can feature:

  1. Live scores and sports updates
  2. 新闻直播
  3. 时间和日期
  4. Temperature and live weather
  5. 倒计时
  6. 推特
  7. 短期报价
  8. 员工或客户照片!

Digital OOH can be updated quickly and precisely target desired audiences – faster than broadcast and print media. Copy changes can be changed as frequently as necessary, 自动的或动态的, with no additional charges for production or installation! Interested in seeing what these displays can do for your brand? 我们谈谈这件事吧

Take Advantage of All the Benefits Digital Billboards Offer Advertisers

Digital billboard advertising allows for:

  1. Hard-to-ignore color brilliancy
  2. Multiple messages capability
  3. 易于更改副本
  4. Savings on install and production costs
  5. Live, real-time connection via web feeds

A Nielsen study also recently reported:

  • 63% say digital advertisements capture their attention
  • 42% think digital displays create an image of quality
  • 36% take some action based on seeing digital signage


Digital billboards, also called Electronic or LED billboards, are large billboard (bulletin) displays that change content electronically through an internet connection. A digital billboard display occupies the entire surface of a sign display (we have 300 square foot, 672 square foot and 1200 square foot displays), the advertisements are static (not animated), and change instantaneously every 8 seconds, 类似于幻灯片放映. With these large Digital Out-Of-首页 (DOOH) billboards, we deliver large and/or concentrated demographic audiences to your brand, 业务, 促销活动, 事件, 或造成. 

Electronic LED Billboards vs. Traditional Static Billboards

A traditional static billboard, 或公告, serves one advertiser for a specific time period, posted on banner material physically by an installer. Copy can only be changed by sending an install crew up onto the sign to install an advertisement. Digital LED Electronic billboards have the ability to scroll through several advertisers, 立即更改副本, and rotate through multiple designs.

Digital Billboard Advertising Provides Massive Exposure For Brands in Seattle

Our electronic billboards are seen by cars, 公共交通乘客, and pedestrians on major roads and highways throughout Seattle. 澳门银河赌博平台注册 operates 14 digital OOH (out-of-home) billboards located on major highways including I-5 in Tacoma, as well as Hwy 527 in Snohomish county, Lynwood and Miller Creek areas. Our Digital Billboard Network, consisting of 14 electronic displays in the Seattle/Tacoma metro area, 产出/ 1.4 million impressions weekly. 

Our huge 20×60 I-5 outdoor LED billboards are visible to north and southbound traffic just a few miles north of the Tacoma Port and Fife exit and the Emerald Casino in one of the most congested spots on I-5. This allows for enormous daily impressions and long unobstructed viewing time. We also have exclusive digital billboard coverage on Canyon Rd in the suburbs directly south of Tacoma proper. 在西雅图北部, we operate displays in the affluent Snohomish County with Electronic LED billboards in the Mill Creek, 峡谷公园, Alderwood购物中心, 和林伍德社区.

Here’s How Our Electronic Billboard Campaigns in Seattle Work: 

When we book your campaign with you, we will guarantee a certain number of average daily spots (1,200 spots per display is standard). A standard full-spot campaign on a LED billboard display will be seen by the traveling public for 8 seconds approximately every minute (specifically every 64 seconds) all day and all night, 最小值为1,200 spots in a 24 hour period. If someone purchases a half-spot, their ad will be displayed every 128 seconds (approx. every 2 minutes) totaling 600 8-second spots daily.

Scheduling Your Advertisement

一旦我们有了最终的设计, we schedule the advertiser into one or multiple digital displays remotely using a secure wireless connection. Our typical schedule runs 8 different messages on a 64 second loop, which repeats for 24 hours. Most advertisers buy schedules that allow for 1 of the 8 8-second “spots” in the 64 second loop, but some elect to buy more or less spots based on availability and budget. We do not day-part or sell specific hour or minute segments in a 24 hour period, all advertisers are put into the loop based on how many spots they have purchased and receive an equal amount of time as the advertisers in the schedule as well.


Digital billboard marketing campaigns usually are booked on a 4-week basis and our average contract length is 6 months. Many of our advertisers have taken advantage of our annual campaigns where they can easily make copy changes to coincide with seasons, 促销活动, or new offerings during the course of a year. We also offer some Digital OOH campaigns that run as short as 1 week or even a few days, but most are greater than 8 weeks. Rates are quoted on an individual basis and vary based on which displays are scheduled, quantity of locations or spots booked, 一年中的时间, what our current occupancy is, and the length of the contract. Contact us and we will provide you a quote based on your needs and requests.

Need More Reasons to Advertise with our Digital Displays?

尼尔森发现 75%的旅行者 have noticed a digital billboard ad in the past month and 60 percent have noticed one in the past week. Of the travelers who noticed a digital billboard in the past month, 55 percent were highly engaged with the ad message.

Ready to Increase Your Brand Exposure in Seattle? 

Our in-house creative team can assist in your design needs as well as work with you to arrange for RSS feeds or any dynamic content your digital message has or could have. Our Network Control department schedules everything for you with reporting and live camera photos available to suit your proof-of-performance needs.

想要开始吗?? Please contact us and one of our experienced sales professionals will consult with you to create the digital billboard advertising campaign that best fits your budget and goals.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

澳门银河赌博平台注册 is a top notch company in all facets of the 业务. The team demonstrates a strong collaborative and innovative spirit by using forward-thinking strategies. It’s clear that Pacific Outdoor prides themselves for being detail-oriented, organized and always open to constructive feedback, making our 业务 relationship effortless. It is a true pleasure to work with such a talented and trusted team.
In the ten years we’ve worked with them they’ve provided phenomenal customer service, responsiveness to requests and come up with some great ideas. They make the process of changing our campaigns easy. They have a tight team who work closely together and with the clients. We look forward to working with them for many years to come.
The professionals at Pacific Outdoor have played a critical role in implementing various Outdoor strategies. They presented us a turnkey experience that delivers the results we expect for our clients. They managed the entire process from creative and production, 澳门银河赌博平台注册的建议, installation and proof of performance. Pacific Outdoor has also demonstrated a true partnership in working with us during these challenging times.
Our Pacific Outdoor salesperson provides outstanding customer service and support while making us feel like a priority. Pacific Outdoor makes the process so easy and is willing to work with us on budget and timeframes for our campaigns.
Dr. 美国马丁航空公司
I've worked with Pacific Outdoor for nearly a decade using outdoor media to create leadership positions for our client's brands. I've always felt they understood what we're trying to achieve, bringing expertise and creative solutions to help us succeed. 周围都是好人.
Pacific Outdoor took the time to understand our clients changing needs and strategies as people's daily lives began to shift. They helped us to manage the entire process from production, 澳门银河赌博平台注册的建议, installation and proof of performance. Our Pacific Outdoor salesperson was quick to respond and always accessible. Our program was seamless and our campaign generated results. Pacific Outdoor demonstrated a true partnership in working with us during these challenging times.
Pacific Outdoor demonstrated a true partnership in working with us during these challenging times. You guys were great in offering us the bonus locations and have always been very supportive of staying within my budget.
Pacific Outdoor takes the time to understand our needs and goes above and beyond to execute an excellent outdoor advertising campaign. They constantly put their best foot forward accommodating and quickly addressing all last minute requests and changes. During these unforeseen/challenging times, 澳门银河赌博平台注册是一个真正的合作伙伴, offering clients creative solutions and making whole on commitments.
Pacific Outdoor put a cost effective and highly visible campaign together for me that brought immediate customer and employee feedback, everyone mentioned the billboards!